Regulation (EU) 2022 1230


Having regard for, in particular, Article 2 (3) of Council Regulation 2580/2001 of 27 December 2001 regarding the implementation of restrictive measures against persons, groups, and entities with the aim of combating terrorism, the Council has reevaluated the established list as adopted in Regulation (EU) 2022/147 of 3 February 2022. The Council has concluded that the aforementioned list is updated and repealed as the persons, groups, and entities on the list should remain subject to the restrictive measures. This decision can be found in Regulation (EU) 2022/1230 of 18 July 2022.

In accordance with the Ministerial Regulation of 20 November 2013 in relation to article 2 (1) of the Sanction Decree Combat Terrorism and Financing Terrorism (AB 2010 no. 27), the Minister in charge of judicial affairs has designated the abovementioned list of persons, groups, and entities as the national sanction list (i.e. Aruban sanction list). Consequently, all funds and assets of all persons, groups, and entities on this list are subject to freezing measures.

Pursuant to article 2 (1) (b) of the Ministerial Regulation Indicators Unusual Transactions (AB 2012 no. 47) the national sanction list has been designated by the head of FIU-Aruba. Hence, intended and performed transactions by or on behalf of persons, groups, and entities listed on the national sanction list are considered unusual. They must be reported (promptly) to the FIU-Aruba under indicator 130102. Regulation (EU) 2022 1230

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