About Us

FIU-Aruba overview

FIU – Aruba is the national agency entrusted with the task and responsibility to detect, deter and disrupt criminal abuse of our financial system. One of our main tasks is to collect, analyze and disseminate financial intelligence to the competent authorities.

We are a professional and strategic AML/CFT partner in safeguarding the integrity of our financial system. We are committed to our continuous development and professional relationship with the reporting entities and partners in the public and private sectors. We keep ourselves abreast of national and international developments in our field of work and actively participate on international platforms, such as the Financial Action Task Force (through the Kingdom of the Netherlands), the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force, and the Egmont Group.



To effectively safeguard the integrity of the (Aruban) financial system by preventing and combating money laundering, terrorist financing, the financing of proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, and associate predicate offenses.


We are a trusted national authority on AML/CFT-matters.


The FIU has a trustworthy, respectful, supportive, and responsible team.